For Architecture and Yachts (Metalized)

Infused with metalized particles and material, PRO Series films

has the highest heat rejection in the market today.

Maximum Performance

The top of the line PRO Series films are infused with metalized particles and technology; the highest heat rejecting film technology in the market.

Protection against degradation

Designed to protect, PRO Series films block 99.9% of harmful Ultraviolet rays that damages, degrades, fades 

and discolors your furniture, art pieces, fixtures, and flooring. This also protects you, and your loved ones from the harmful and cancerous rays.

Specialized Film

PRO Series films are infused with metal and gold particles that are designed to dissipate and reflect incoming heat efficiently.

Reduces your Monthly bill

All glass spaces facing the sun require a longer amount of time and energy consumption to be comfortable and cool.

Designed to greatly reduce incoming heat from entering your space, PRO Series window films make your space cool faster than usual, without having the power cranked up as much.

Safety and Durability

Equipped with specially engineered adhesives, our films are able to hold the glass together in the event of breakage; shatter-resistant!
PRO Series films are also 3mil. thick; the minimum specification for entry-level security films used in small banks.

Architectural-grade films

Our architectural/industrial-grade films are specifically designed for architectural spaces:

the clear choice for your space!


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