For Automotive

Solarèx SX Series films are infused with specially-engineered

nano-ceramic particles that help achieve its renowned performance.

Cooler Interior

Our nano-ceramic films are great at dissipating heat before it passes through your interior. This leads up to 88% of heat being rejected from seeping in, naturally

being the comfortable and luxurious choice!

Protection against deterioration

Designed to protect and provide comfort, all SX Series films block 99.9% of harmful Ultraviolet rays that tends to damage, degrade and fade

your car’s interior. 

No signal interference

Nano-ceramic technology does not interfere with terrestrial, satellite, GPS, and

cellular service signals; therefore RFID friendly!

Saves power consumption

Unlike dyed films, nano-ceramic films are designed to reject heat and cool down faster. Naturally,

this saves power consumption for the interior cools down faster and reduces strain on your air conditioning. 

Strong and Durable

Equipped with specially engineered adhesives, our films are able to hold the glass together in the event of breakage; shatter-resistant!

From Clarity to Privacy

Choose from our wide variety of films from our clearest to darkest. 

(SX70, SX50, SX35, SX15, SX05 & SX02)


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