For Architecture and Yachts

Solarèx AR Series films are designed for high-end, and luxurious

yachts and propererties’ number one solution for heat and preservation.

Set sail in comfort

Industrial-level films that are designed to reject up to 88% of incoming heat that adds an extra layer

of needed comfort, class and luxury for your Yachts.

Protection against degradation

AR Series films block 99.9% of harmful Ultraviolet rays that may fade floorings, 

damage fixtures, fairings, and important apparatus inside your Yacht.

No signal interference

With quality comes consideration as our films, unlike materialized films, does not interfere with navigational systems; 

terrestrial, satellite, GPS, and cellular service signals. Making nano-ceramic technology the ideal and safe choice for your next fare.

Decreases power consumption

Operating and running consumption will drastically cut down in the air-conditioning department

for our films help speed-up the cooling process inside your Yacht.

Safety and Durability

Equipped with specially engineered adhesives, our films are able to hold the glass together in the event of breakage; shatterproof!
All of our films are also 3-5mil. thick; the minimum specification for entry-level security films used in small banks.


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