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Our Projects

Farm House (Residential)

A newly erected glass, farm house located in Lipa, Batangas for family get togethers and vacations made comfortable and protected by Solarex’s AR70 (Clear Blue).

Rest House (Residential)

Newly furnished and built, this cozy family rest house in Malolos that is facing the sun is now made comfortable and protected by Solarex’s AR70 (Clear Blue).



South Forbes Park (Residential)

This high-end home with its renowned art pieces, collection and paintings in South Forbes Park, Makati is equipped with Solarex’s AR70 (Clear Blue). 



(Beach Resort)

Emonpulo is a high-end beach resort located in Silanguin Cove, Zambales. Protected against the harsh heat and harmful UV rays of the sun with Solarex’s AR70 (Clear Blue).


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For Architecture and Yachts

Solarèx AR Series films are designed for high-end, and luxurious

glass houses and propererties’ number one solution for heat insulation and preservation.


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